Bhood, Maharashtra

The population of Bhood is 1,889 according to the 2011 Census, with agriculture being the prime occupation of the village’s residents. Some residents are also employed at a Gold Refinery and the Jewellery business. Bhood is recipient of the Nirmal Gram Purskar in Sant Gadage Baba Gram Swachata Abhiyan.

Lord Bhoodsiddhnath is the Gramadevata of Bhood and his annual festival is held during and coinciding with Chaitra Krishna Ashtami known as Chaitra Ashtami, which is a three day celebration of the Lord’s wedding ceremony. On the first day bullock cart races are organized near the temple. The second day is the most important day, with the Sasankathi (Holy long wooden pole or metallic bar) and the Diva (Holy lamp) are the main attractions. On the third day Kusumba (a type of Bhang) is served as the Prasadam to the Lord.